Woopra Documentation


Guide to installing in tumblr

  1. Go to your Woopra Account
  2. Go to the AppConnect section and open the JavaScript app
  3. Copy the Woopra Javascript Snippet
  4. Sign in to your Tumblr Dashboard
  5. Click the Gear icon at the top right to change preferences
  6. Click Customize Your Blog at the top right
  7. Click on the Edit HTML button on the left
  8. Now there is a big page full of code in front of you. Look through the code to find </head>
  9. Once you find </head> in the code, paste the Woopra javascript from step 1 just before </head> (Paste is CTRL+V on PC and Command+V on Mac)
  10. Click Update Preview and then Save
  11. You can view your site’s stats by visiting http://app.woopra.com/ from an up-to-date browser. Woopra works best in Chrome and Safari but FireFox works as well.