The tracking SDKs are small packages with convenience functions written in different languages. Essentially, they wrap the HTTP Tracking API, which is the core of all tracking in Woopra.

The most detailed general tutorial for tracking SDKs can be found in the Browser Javascript API . However, some functionalities, such as the ping, are not supported in the serverside SDKs.

The SDK's listed on the left in this section are all links to the Github repositories. The most up-to-date docs are in the file in the base directory of those repositories. You can get there by clicking the appropriate SDK in the list on the left.


Please do contribute! We are a fairly small developer team here at Woopra, and sometimes there are no experts in-house in, say, PHP or Objective-C. We may not be able to quickly update our Python SDK for Python 3 or get our iOS SDK tracking the new device types correctly. So yeah, we love merging pull requests! (Including updating the README!) And since everything is basically an abstraction above the tracking api, developing on the SDK's is straightforward and easy.

Issues? Last Resort:

If your use case just isn't supported in our SDK's or it is but the SDK won't work with your setup or for your needs, the last resort should always be to simply use the HTTP Tracking API directly.