Identifying Customers

In order to identify a customer, you need to send their email address to Woopra as a custom visitor property. Calling identify() does not send anything to Woopra, in order to send the properties and identify the visitor, you need to call track() after you identify(), or if you do not wish to track an event, you may call woopra.push() to send a call strictly with identifying information.


All visitor properties should be lowercase


propertiesObjectAn object of any properties you want to save for this current visitor.


// configure
// Identify customer
    email: "[email protected]",
    name: "John Doe",
    company: "My Business"
// track

Standard attributes which will be displayed in the Woopra live visitor data include:

  • id – used as a primary identifier.
  • email – displays the visitor’s email address and it will be used as a secondary unique identifier.
  • name – displays the visitor’s full name
  • company – displays the company name or account of your customer
  • avatar – is a URL link to a visitor avatar

But you can define any attribute you like and have that detail passed from within the visitor live stream data when viewing Woopra.


Note that if you wish to identify a visitor without sending a tracking event, you can call the function push().