To update visitor properties in Woopra, send Http GET requests to this endpoint

Endpoint: http(s)://

Identify requests

Identify requests can be used to ID a visitor and/or add properties to that visitor. The endpoint is: http(s):// and the parameters are the same as a regular tracking request (event data will be ignored)

GET Request Parameters

projectRequired""The name of your project in Woopra.
cookieOptional (See Description)"kDei34gy3h25F"The Cookie should be thought of as a device id. It can also be used for anonymous ids. Required if no cv_{Visitor Identifier}. See The Cookie
cv_{Visitor Identifier}Optional (Required to identify a user)cv_email: "[email protected]"An identifier or multiple identifiers to associate with this visitor. Required if no cookie. See Visitor Properties and Woopra Profile Id
cv_{Visitor Property}RequiredVarious (See Description)cv_first_name: "Tigi"Properties to set on the visitor's profile. These can be strings, numbers, dates, etc. See Visitor Properties


&[email protected]\