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New Woopra Docs

Introducing the new Woopra Documentation Portal

Welcome to the new Woopra docs!

We've split our docs into two main sections: Documentation and Reference. Switch between sections at any time using the navigation at the top of each page.

The Documentation section hosts our Product Manual, Account Management Guides and semi-technical discussions on tracking concepts, integrations, etc.

You'll also find a few technical references for developers and advanced users discussing implementation, special installations, best-practices and programming patterns.

The Reference section includes the guides for tracking SDKs and HTTP APIs. You'll also find API and technical guidance on implementing Woopra from a developer's perspective here.

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Our docs allow you to suggest edits. We'd love for your help to fix any typos or clarify areas that are lacking. Please make use of this feature and thank you for helping us to continually improve our docs!

What's Next

Start unifying, analyzing and connecting with your customers in Woopra!

Getting Started Guide - The Woopra Essentials Mix

New Woopra Docs

Introducing the new Woopra Documentation Portal