Sub-Domain tracking

The set up when tracking sub-domains is a little different to tracking unique domains.

While the process looks the same, slight alterations need to be made in your woopra.config() to achieve the desired results.

To track all sub-domains associated with your domain and store this data within a single project, you can do that by adding the cookie_domain property to your woopra.config().

As you can see from the code snippet below, your domain property value remains the same, but you will need to pass in the cookie_domain property in addition to your project name. This value is your Woopra projects name with a period in front of that value.

  domain: '',
  cookie_domain: ''    

For example, if your Woopra project name is, your cookie_domain value will be ''.

Unlike other methods of cross-domain tracking, with Sub-Domain Tracking, you do not need to add these domains individually to your Woopra configuration, Woopra will do this automatically.