Suggested Cursor List

Here we have laid out the suggested cursors to use in your tasks broken down by integration. Some integrations have different tables in them and those tables may use different cursors.


Document in progress

This is an ongoing list and will be updated regularly. If you are unclear what cursor to use, please contact [email protected] and we can try and help determine what cursor you should use.


You can think of the Cursor as a bookmark for your data that’s placed when a task completes. Once the task starts again after the set Sync Interval, it will use the Cursor as a starting point to retrieve new data.

Typically the Cursor will be a unique incrementally generated ID, a timestamp or modified date, or any unique and sequential column. Randomly generated IDs will not work.

IntegrationTableSuggested Cursor
SQL DatabaseAll TablesThis will depend on your database since each SQL database will be different. We suggest using a datemodified, timestamp, or a unique _incrementally generated id. Randomly generated id's will not work.
SalesforceAll TablesSystemModstamp - All standard Salesforce tables should have a SystemModstamp column. This is updated whenever there is a change to that record. Can also use CreatedDate depending on the task. Tip: create multiple tasks for created and updated at events.
HubspotContactaddedat or updatedat - Depends on the task event. Tip: Create 2 events, 'create contact' and 'update contact' using the above suggested cursors respectively.