Pointers for setting up and using the Clearbit AppConnect Integrations

Clearbit is a data enrichment partner. Clearbit can enrich your profiles based on email, and ip address. The Clearbit functionality is separated inro two apps. Basic email address-based enrichment is available to all Woopra and Clearbit customers, while the ip-address-based enrichment from Clearbit's Reveal product, is a separate premium integration, and is only available to enterprise Woopra users.

Example Use Cases

Clearbit Reveal

Clearbit Reveal is quite simply, a game changer. The prototypical use case is more or less the following: A brand new visitor comes to your website. You send their ip address to Clearbit Reveal. Clearbit responds with company information. You score the company as a lead, and determine a specific personalized experience, or even personalized chat pop-up to show the brand new visitor to your site. i.e.: a Drift Message saying: "Hello! I see you work at Woopra!. Because you are a B2B SAAS company, I think My Product would be a great fit for you. How about a personal product tour?" Similarly, you could trigger Optimizely to show a given experiment, or tell Zendesk to prioritize all support and information request tickets from this user.

Send personalized messages to anonymous site visitors with Woopra, Drift, and Reveal

Here are the steps to create the example trigger from above, using Clearbit data to inform a Personalized Drift live chat message to new anonymous visitors to your marketing site.

  1. Pre-requisites:
  • Make sure Drift and Clearbit Reveal are both installed and authorized in Woopra.
  • Make sure Drift is properly installed on your website. See their docs for help.
  1. Create your trigger: In Woopra, go to Automations > Triggers and create a new trigger.
  2. Define Your trigger:
  • Define the user segment (the criteria a person must meet to cause this trigger to fire.) In this case, the user segment will be something like: "People who DID: "clearbit.identified_by_ip" AND who ARE: " exists, AND clearbit_company.customer_model is 'B2B' AND clearbit_company.model is 'SAAS' "
  • Determine when this trigger should fire for people who match the above criteria. We want this to fire on a pageview event, because on your website is where using a tool like Drift makes sense. (We couldn't fire a drift message based on, say, and "email received" event, can we?) So we will set up the trigger to "Fire When: 'pageview' "
  • Determine the frequency: We probably don't want this to fire constantly on every pageview event, becasue that would be annoying. Let's say "once per visit" so that once they dismiss the chat bubble or leave the page, they will not be shown the same chat again immediately, but rather on their next session (the next time they visit our site.)
  • Click "save" to make sure all these settings are saved
  1. Set up your Trigger Evnt:
  • Find the Drift Trigger Event called Show the Welcome or Away Message in the menu.
  • Customize your message in the trigger events settings. You can use Woopra templates in the message content as well. In this case, our message will look like:
    "Hello! I see you work at ${}. Because you are a B2B SAAS company, I think My Product would be a great fit for you. How about a personal product tour?"
  • Click "save" again to save the trigger event settings.