Generated Event Properties

These are the Built in Fields or Properties of Events. This data is associated with an Event.

Field KeyField NameField Description
~mEvent TimeTimestamp In Unix converted to milliseconds.
~pAppTracking app/SDK name. Default is js.client.
~sIs secureEvent was tracked over Https or SSL.
~uEvent DurationDuration in seconds when applicable (Woopra automatically generates duration for page views)
~zEvent Typecould be passive(value is 1) or generated(value is 2) or default (undefined)
~yEvent IDUniversal unique event identifier.
~iIs the first event in sessionValue is 1 if this is the first event in this session. Not set/ Undefined otherwise.
~oIs the last event in sessionValue is 1 if this is the last event in this session. Not set / Undefined otherwise.
~dSubdomainSubdomain of the event url - Automatically generated for page views.
Scroll DepthThe percentage of the page that the user has viewed.

Event Types Defined


You may want to include or exclude certain Event Types.

  • Generated Event Types: These are system event such as property updates, label join, label leave. These events are automatically flagged as "Generated."
  • Passive Event Types: Developers can choose to flag event as "Passive." These are typically serverside Events or background events that are tracked on the user's behalf.
  • Default Event Types: Anything not "Generate" or marked as "Passive" will be Default Event Types. These include pageviews, download, outgoing.