Generated Action Properties

These are the Built in Fields or Properties of Actions. This data is associated with an Action.

Field Key

Field Name

Field Description


Action Time

Timestamp In Unix converted to milliseconds.



Tracking app/SDK name. Default is js.client.


Is secure

Action was tracked over Https or SSL.


Action Duration

Duration in seconds when applicable (Woopra automatically generates duration for page views)


Action Type

could be passive(value is 1) or generated(value is 2) or default (undefined)


Action ID

Universal unique action identifier.


Is the first action in session

Value is 1 if this is the first action in this session. Not set/ Undefined otherwise.


Is the last action in session

Value is 1 if this is the last action in this session. Not set / Undefined otherwise.



Subdomain of the event url - Automatically generated for page views.

Action Types Defined


You may want to include or exclude certain Action Types.

  • Generated Action Types: These are system actions such as property updates, label join, label leave. These events are automatically flagged as "Generated."
  • Passive Action Types: Developers can choose to flag actions as "Passive." These are typically serverside actions or background events that are tracked on the user's behalf.
  • Default Action Types: Anything not "Generate" or marked as "Passive" will be Default Action Types. These include pageviews, download, outgoing.