3rd-Party Cookie Method (Enterprise Only)


Outdated Method

Most new browsers will block 3rd party cookies so this method is deprecated.

The 3rd-party cookie method requires little to no setup, nor does it require advanced changes to be made to your Woopra configuration in order to implement. This method is most commonly used by businesses when their users are anonymous and have not been identified using woopra.identify() .

Woopra will essentially store your users' cookie values, from different domains, and associate these cookie values with each of your individual users. With this tracking method, users will not need to click links on your website in order to be tracked across all of your domains.

Our 3rd-party cookie method sound like the answer to all your questions, but they do have their limitations.

This method only works roughly 60% of the time, due to the more common use of tracking blockers and JavaScript being disabled on browsers. To give you some additional background, Chrome, which is the World's most popular browser, has 3rd-party cookies enabled by default, but Safari, on the other hand, that is shipped with the macOS High Sierra, has 3rd-party cookies automatically blocked, so this option will not work for new Safari users.

It's important to understand your use case in order to identify the optimum method for your business.