Queued Events

When sending events to Woopra, you may see a response code of "queued" which can affect some functionality such as our automation Inject Script.

Inject Script is a trigger action that will inject script on the user's browser, based on their actions. We return the script that you wrote in the response from our servers after a track event is sent from the client-side. If a run script isn't working, you may be receiving a "queued" response. If the event is queued, then we'll still receive the tracking request, but the run script may not fire.

Reasons for "queued" Response

When a run script is set up, there are several factors that may affect performance which could cause the event to be queued instead of returning the script.

Depending on the complexity of your setup, Woopra needs to check several data points before we return a response with the inject script code. Things such as Segmentation Filters and segment join/leave events, User Schema - Formulas, User Schema - Profile Metrics, and other Triggers and automation.

Additionally, large profiles with a lot of events, and calculated "lifetime" fields such as custom User Schema - Profile Metrics that are counting some lifetime metic such as total spent or counts of total actions all must be checked before a inject script returns a response.

All these factors contribute to the time it takes to successfully return a response from our servers. If the time it takes is too long, we'll return the "queued" response.

Suggested Solutions

To speed up the processing of these triggers, there are several variables to consider.

  • Limit the number of segment join/leave events
  • Limitlifetime fields such as lifetime counts and sums that must scan complete profile histories
  • Limit the number of inject script triggers
  • Make sure there are no infinite loops that may be causing profiles to be too large. i.e. profiles with too many events or duplicate events
  • Limit triggers that update user properties


Still having issues?

Please reach out to [email protected].