While analytics gives us some answers, they also create many more questions:

  • Of the people who came to the site, how many visited from the US?
  • Of the US visitors, how many came from search engines?
  • And how much items were purchased by just those visitors?

Segments are a way of saving customer behavioral groups that are important to the user or company. Once a segment is created, it is able to use for quick segmentation in other Woopra features such as Analytics Reports and the People View.

Segmentation allows the user to narrowly focus attention on only the visitors they want to analyze, and probe deeper to make better decisions, leveraging multiple types of data within Woopra. Harnessing Actions/Action Properties, Visit Properties, Visitor Properties or a combination of those within the segmentation filters will help the user to better understand their customers and take action on the valuable data.

Segments can be found under the Configure section of your Woopra Dashboard.