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Built-In Generated Fields

For the most part, the Woopra tracking system is designed for completely customizable, and schema-less tracking where we track whatever you send us, rejecting no data (for instance becasue it is not defined in your tracking schema) becasue we expect no particular data, and allowing you to define your schemas after the fact.

The Woopra tracking system does some things automatically when it comes to your data, however. When Sending an tracking event for instance, even if you don't explicitly include the visitor's ip address in the custom event properties, the Woopra system will record the ip from the HTTP request itself. Then, in the case of ip addresses, for instance, slightly more data enrichment may occur, such as adding location data (region, etc.), company data (owner of the ip address), and more.

This section Explains all of the automatic data recording and enrichment that happens in Woopra in all three of the data scopes: visitor data, visit data, and action data.

Built-In Generated Fields