User Schema - Profile Metrics

User Schema Profile Metrics


Custom Profile Metrics allows you to create custom User Schemas based on aggregate operations of custom events.


To start a new Profile Report, click on “Profiles” then “New Report.”


To create custom Profile Metrics, you can navigate to the User Schema and click "+ New User Schema" at the top right.

Then you can name the new property and select the property type. See the table below for details on each operation.

Depending on the event you select and the Event Property, you can then select the data type and format to be used. See the below example:


Here, we want to see a User Property that shows the total amount a user has spent in the past 30 days.

After you're done with the configuration, you can click "Create" to save the new User Property

List of Operations

CountCounts the total number of times the selected event occurs.Count the total number of songs a user played on your site.
SumSums the total of an event property that is a number.Sum the total revenue from a payment made events.
Count UniqueCount the unique number of times a selected event occurs.Count the unique songs a user played on your site.
Last TouchDisplays the last event property of a specific event.Show the last article a user viewed on your site.
TopDisplays the top occurrence of a specific event.Show what feature the user was using the most.
MeanDisplays the average out of a set of numbers.Show the average payment amount a user spends out of their purchase history.
MinDisplays the smallest value of a set of numbers.Show the smallest order amount the user spent.
MaxDisplays the highest value of a set of numbers.Show the highest amount a user has loaded into their account.
First TouchDisplays the first event property of a specific event within a specified timeframe.Show the first product a user purchased in the past 2 years.