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Types of Tracked Data

Woopra will track Action, Visit, and Visitor data.

Action Data

An action is any tracked event such as Custom Actions that you're tracking. With the standard snippet, out of the box, we track 'pageview' events. This is considered an action. You can customize your tracking to record other important actions that you wish to track on your site. These can be things like clicking a button, signing up for a subscription, making a payment, etc.

You can track Custom Actions using the woopra.track() function.

Example of a 'Played Song' action in a user's profile.

Visitor Data

Visitor data is any information about the person that's visiting your site or app and requires customized tracking that your developer will need to implement. Visitor data are things like name, email, company, phone number, etc.

You can send Visitor Data to Woopra using the woopra.identify() function.

Example of Visitor Data in a user's profile.

Visit Data

Visit data is automatically tracked at the start of a session and with events. This data includes Generated Data Fields like browser type, operating system, timestamp, ip address, location, screen resolution, etc.

Example of Visit Data in a user's profile.

Also see our section on Trend Reports for how we count People, Visits, and Actions.

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Types of Tracked Data

Woopra will track Action, Visit, and Visitor data.

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